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Hello & Ciao! My name is Christa Scalise. I am an American English Language Coach, TEFL Certified, US and Italian citizen. I work exclusively with Italians who want to communicate more effectively, comfortably, and confidently in standard American English.  Helping my fellow Italians succeed is my passion! 

Christa Scalise
 - Are you a business person, entrepreneur, actor, or a teacher?
- Do you need to improve your English pronunciation or writing? 
- Would you like to speak fluently, like a native-English speaker?
- Do you need to prepare for an audition or a presentation?
My teaching approach mixes Steven Krashen's Natural Method with Jeremy Harmer's ESA Method, the Integrated Language Methodology (LEA), and my personal experiences as a corporate trainer, health coach, yoga instructor, and Italian language student.   
My primary objective is to help you relax and feel comfortable while speaking and communicating.  I strive to make my lessons fun because when stress and tension are present, your ability to learn and encode new information is limited. Similarly, if you hold tension in your neck, jaw, or throat, your ability to “speak more American” is compromised. English can be a great challenge for Italian speakers because our language is not phonetic like Italian. It is critical you hire the right coach to help guide you through the intricacies of English. 
Since every person is unique, presenting different levels of competency and interests, lessons are hand-crafted and aligned with your learning objectives. During lessons, we use materials that are most interesting and relevant to you and your situation.  

James C., Actor, Ravenna, Italy

"Christa's method is one of the best that I had the luck to find because I really could see the difference in my language skill regarding my American accent and for the effort that she made to improve my positive mental attitude (and that was a really big issue for me). So what are you waiting for? Sign up and train with a true mother tongue teacher, if you want to sound American, you can!" 

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  • you already have a solid grasp of English grammar;

  • you have an Intermediate level (or above) of English-speaking skills;

  • you want to sound more like a native speaker of American English;

  • you value a teacher with patience, good-humor, and substantial life experience;

  • you have a stable internet connection and can meet on Zoom;

  • you want to use materials with realistic content, tailored to your specific needs;

  • you are prepared to speak in English and commit to your language proficiency.

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