Business Development & Operations Management


Dedicating experience, skills, and operational prowess to help your business achieve and exceed performance goals and revenue growth.

▪        Develop Growth Plan & Business Plan Review

▪        Establish Best Practices: Operational, Legal, Environmental, Security   

▪        Streamline, Audit and Hone Operations to Increase Cash Flow, Reduce Loss

▪        Market Research, Analysis & Due Diligence 

▪        Vendor & Portfolio Risk Management

▪        Contract Negotiation & Administration

▪        Procurement & Inventory Management

▪        Maximize Existing & Create Revenue Streams

▪        Retain Customers & Increase Loyalty

Social Media & Content Marketing


Creative utilization of social media platforms and tools powerfully communicates your core mission, message, vision and goals. I have experience creating social media campaigns and content that maximize online opportunities to connect with customers and target audiences.

▪        Boost Social Media Presence of Company

▪        Create Unique Online Campaigns (Memorable and/or Newsworthy)

▪        Build Connections with New Prospects & Existing Clients

▪        Drive Customers to Website and/or Product

▪        Create Value-Added Visuals & Engaging Content

▪        Hashtag Creation and Management

▪        Keyword Monitoring, Listening and Engagement

Public Speaking, Advocacy

& Wellness Workshops

Helping others improve their mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellness.  

▪        Create and Implement Advocacy Campaign(s) to Prevent Suicide, Reduce Stress             and Promote Wellness.

▪        Customize Group Workshops and Give Keynote Speeches.

▪        Develop, Promote and Facilitate Interactive Workshops, Team-Building Events,               Ice-Breakers, Classes and Keynote Addresses.

▪        Present Stress Reduction and Laughter Sessions for Patients, Parents, Students,             Employees, Homeless and Elderly.